World Record Channel Catfish

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Redd, May 28, 2006.

  1. Redd

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    Ya know, I'm tired of seeing that same old picture of the world record channel cat. And nobody just seems to want to catch a bigger one. I guess its all up to me to catch another brute and get you guys to talkin' about it. I'll put on a pic of it as soon as I land 'er, so you guys will be among the first to see the mammoth and won't feel completely left out. And don't worry. I won't let the same thing happen to my fish as the blue cat record. I'll release 'er after the official weigh-in. Then I'll give ya'll a little credit for your hints, tips, and tricks of the trade. Just pray for me that I won't crap myself when I land it(for my own selfish reasons only...not for the well being of the fish). Wishing you guys the best of luck and a rod bucklin' catfish to all!

  2. photocat

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    your gonna have to beat me to it... although i'm more going to break the 4 lb line class rather then the 58 lber (which has some controversy over it... the rest of the line class records are around 40/45 lbs)

  3. kccats

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    MHO is that is was not a channel cat at all but a blue.
    That record will stand forever.
  4. WylieCat

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    Redd, I am the biggest skeptic on earth. I have busted more internet legends on this site than anyone, but I think that the fish in the picture is most likely a channel catfish.

    The only thing that could lead anyone to believe anything else would be the shape of the tail, and that would lead one to a flathead with it appearing to be flat. The anal fin is definatley NOT from a blue catfish.

    The only picture I have been able to find has been the edited one that is everywhere on the internet. It looks like it has been cut for use in an article or something. Close examination of the tail in Photoshop reveals that there is a forked shape to it, but whoever cut the picture apparently just squared it off and this is what give that square appearance.

    If you zoom in on the tail and raise the contrast and brightness you can easily make out the shape of the forked tail from the the background that appears to be grass or gravel. Close examination reveals an area that is the same density as the rest of the body of the fish that forms the fork, and the forked area begins to take shape as the broken background falls away.

    I have saved a ramped up version of this image, but I can not load it to my server at this time for upload. I will be glad to e-mail you a copy that you can post.
  5. chrisblue

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    That fish was definatly a channel theres two pictures of it in one of the old catfish in-siders you can clearly see its a big prehistoric meanest looking catfish youve ever seen.And another thing is that they were no blues or flatheads in Santee cooper till after this fish was caught.And theres also a replica of that fish at the bass pro shops in charlotte NC, its a channel cat.