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    Mekong Catfish 646-pound catfish . BANGKOK, Thailand — This big one did not get away. Thai fishermen netted a 646-pound catfish believed to have been the world's largest freshwater fish ever caught in Thailand, a researcher said Thursday.

    A 9-foot-long Mekong giant catfish was landed May1 2005 by villagers in Chiang Khong, a remote district in northern Thailand, and weighed by Thai fisheries department officials, said Zeb Hogan, who leads an international project to locate and study the world's largest freshwater fish species

    He confirmed it was the heaviest fish on record since Thailand started keeping such statistics in 1981.

    The fishermen had hoped to sell the fish to environmental groups, which planned to release it to spawn upriver, but it died before it could be handed over and then was chopped up and sold in pieces to villagers as food.

    Hogan, whose work is funded by the World Wildlife Fund and the National Geographic Society, said he is planning to write a paper about the catch for a scientific journal.

    "That's the best way to document this kind of thing," he told The Associated Press by telephone.

    The Mekong giant catfish was listed as critically endangered in 2003 after research showed its numbers had fallen by at least 80 percent in the past 13 years.

    Fishermen believe the catfish species has been declining largely because of dams and environmental damage along the Mekong River — home to more species of giant fish than any other river, said an earlier statement by WWF and the society.

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    there is another good example of reasons why you should practice CPR. Its a shame that a fish that size had to die because the people wanted to make money. But then again i cant blame them because the area they live in. But one good thing that did come from this is that they didnt waste the fish. It fed the whole village. As a hunter i am a believer in you eat what you kill.(except for baitfish, thats different). But one thing i want to know. I have heard two things about this fish. Did they caught the fish in a giant sein net???? Or did they catch it on hook and line???

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    Well there is one thing for sure if the village ate it nothing went to waste. That head would make one large bowl of fish head soup:002:
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    It was caught in a net. It was commercial fisherman that caught it.