Worked on my boat modification today

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by Arkie55, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Since the river I fish jumped up several feet,:sad2: I started a boat project today. I've been thinking about removing the bench seats from my jon boat for some time and flooring the boat. So today, after the rain stopped, I got out and started working on removing the seats. That was a pretty quick job. Once I got the boat open I started thinking about how I wanted to lay out the new floor and replace the floatation. I will be using a big cooler for my "live well" and I'm thinking about adding an aireation pump to pump water into the cooler. I'm also considering adding a bilge pump to the cooler for keeping fish alive while I transport them home if should so choose. I'm going to run all my boat wiring through PVC under the new floor or down one side. I have stick steering and remote throttle controls so I'll be building mounting blocks for those. I'm also considering covering the sides and making a rod locker down one side. Another feature I was is a place for two 6 gallon gas tanks to sit side by side. I plan on putting the tanks at the rear of the boat where the back bench used to be. No guys I haven't forgotten about bracing. I'm putting a "drop deck" in the front running past where the middle seat was located. The floor frame will brace that section of the boat and I'll be building two "pods" at the reat to hold floatation and will make a brace that runs between the two pods to brace that section of the boat. I am leaving the front "short deck" seat as is.

    Any other ideas? I have a clean canvis so to speak so I'm interested in any and all ideas.
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    Sounds good arkie, we might as well take the summer off for those who love to fish the ar. river:smile2::eek:oooh: and re-build everything we own! Saw on the news she is as high as she can get without spilling over the banks:tounge_out:. Watch the weight arkie, and keep it distributed even for safety purposes.


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    Sounds good terry. Post us some pics when all done! Hope it all goes as smooth as it sounds!