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    Went out Thurs. with my brand new gill net. Headed down to the deep bottom spot. First set nothing, but the net flowed out of my $3.50 Wal Mart storage tub like a champ.( as suggested by Keneth). I had gone to Boaters World the night before and purchased a crab pot float (tip from Josh) and cut mine in half leaving me with two 6x8 orange floats. After a short soak we pulled it in olny to find no bait. I called Chris (Powhatan) and he gave me some instructions on depth and such and second set pulled 3 cutters, one of them fell out of the net as I was pulling the other two out. So on the second set I had success. After that the next 5 or 6 soaks only yielded some small cats. After watching a technique from some other anglers we tried their statagey of rounding up some little doggies and ended up w/ a dozen or so in the net. "Watch and learn" my dad always told me, either that or " Get out of the way, your blocking my light!"
    The fishing did'nt bring us any monsters 8lb was the biggest of the day but my gill net quest has come to fruition thanks in part to a lot of knowlege I have gained on this website. I got my boat in Feb. 08 and starting fishing for cats for the first time in March 08. Since then I have met some great people and learned so much. I just wanted to say thanks to all!:smile2:
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    Gill nets are great. It's part of the fun of catfishing, or frustrating when you can't find them.

    Glad you had success. Fishing the net gets easier and easier everytime you do it. Every boat is different. My current boat and the Jon I sold last year were both easy to set and pull a net from.

    When I see guys struggling with their nets from the front or rear of boats with all sorts of fish finders, rod holders, lights, electric motors , and you name it getting in the way, I cringe.

    A truism on gill nets is they actively seek any and everything they can to snag on in your boat or on your person.:smile2:

    I wish we were fishing

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    glad it worked for you. now when you find that hole with the 80 lber in it make sure to pm me the spot:wink:
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    I'll be joining you soon in trying to use a gill net. I have seen them used before and of course it looks easy. But, I have a feeling there is a huge difference between looking and doing.
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    Congrats on the gill net're on your way!

    Tight lines.