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Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by Sparky Larson, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Sparky Larson

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    My wife just retrieved the mail. In my box was the July issue of Wood-N-water News. If you do not get this magizine monthly, it is worth the $3.00 for this issue from a news stand. There is an article on how to catch BIG CATS! There are some awsome pictures in there!

    Jim Ross, this article is written by Rick Casey and it all takes place right down there where you fish. The Kalamazoo River, in the middle of the vast Allegan State Forest. This is a must read to all of us Catmen & women.

    Are there BIG CATS in Michigan? You bet, and here I sit Flatheadless.
    I've got to go FISHING!
  2. hear_kitty

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    Go get them spark. :0a27:

  3. bwanatony

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    Sparky's right, excellent article. This guy has the right idea. I agree with him right down the line, especially the part about eating a 4 pounder once in a while and LETTING THE BIG ONES GO!! It just takes too darn long to grow a 20+ pounder in this state, they can easily get taken out faster than they can grow back & be replaced.
    I hope lots of catfish killers read the story and catch on!!