woodies in new york

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Mr.wiskers592, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Mr.wiskers592

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    hi again, im thinkin of tring to go hunting for wood ducks next fall and im wondering what kind of habitat they like, should i use decoys or not, what kind of gun should i use......if u have info please share it with me :D

    Much thanks.
  2. missed mallards

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    Leland, MS
    sloughs, flooded timber, flooded buckbrush, are the area's i target when i'm looking for woodies. I shoot a IC in 12 guage in the flooded timber with 4's. put out a few dekes and hope you are where they want to be. calling really doesn't help but i've had several decoy in. ain't nothing no funner than haveing about 10 try to land on top of you. happened twice the hole year, didn't exactly have a great season. good luck, it can be a great time had chaseing and shooting one of the prettiest ducks out there.


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    If you've got an area with alot of flooded corn or timber with acorns, creeks, sloughs, you'll find 'em. Woodies can be difficult to decoy/call, but with peristance and patience you can limit just about every day. God bless.