Wondering the legality of a new spot I want to try..

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    With the water being so low everywhere it has opened a whole new world of bankfishing to me. I was up at Wateree last Friday at Buck Hill landing and noticed with the water as low as it is I can walk all the way around to the backside of the dam. The rip rap there has always looked so tempting, but without a boat it was always out of reach and now its not. So I am wondering what would happen if I walked around and fished there. Would I be greeted by someone with a gun telling me to leave, or would be all good as long as I don't go right up to the dam? I was reading on Duke Power's website that you must stay 300 ft. away, but I am sure that was for a boat. I don't think they thought about people being able to bank fish there since it is usually not accessible. Guess there is only one way to find out. Might try this weekend.
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    I would go to the dam and ask the lock master. I use to ease in close to the wall on the lower Ark. river but it was under the cover of darkness lol. They tend to frown on it.

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    I would think as long as it has no Keep out signs you would be able to. If ya go at night just be careful sneaking around out there,LOL. But if there is a sign up higher on land I'm pretty sure they wont let ya. I agree, calling the lock master is your best bet I would think if ya want to know for sure. For your sake I hope you get to fish in there somehow, sounds like a good spot...g'luck -Jim-