Wondering if Good Deal on Tracker

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by my4x4awd, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. my4x4awd

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    I have a buddy (trust worthy) that has a 1998 Tracker 165 with 25hp Merc. (no power tilt) The boat is in excellent shape. No leaks or scratches the boat doesn’t look 8 years old. His dad bought it new and fished several few times a year. He used it to troll for stripers. My buddy also fished very little. It runs good and smooth at about 35mph. Has cover, foot control Tmotor, 13 gal gas tank, Humming Bird FF, carpet and 4 padded seats no rips or stains. The boat has spent most of its life in the garage under cover. It was stored for 2 years after his dad passed. It was stored by a marine dealer (properly). I searched the net and didn’t find any close to this condition or price. Would 3500-4000 be a good price? Downside I see small live well and no trim but I usually have coolers and do I really need trim on a aluminum 16 footer?
  2. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    I bought my first boat last year off a individual..

    1998 16Ft Grumman, Side Console with 25HP johnson (no trim) and also with a small live well. Came with mooring cover, two fish finders and he even threw in 4 cheap orange life vests since it was my first boat to help me out :big_smile: I paid 3600 for it.

  3. dip

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    i aint sure about 35 mph as i have virtually the same boat and best i have done is 23. regardless, in my opinion 3500-4000 is a good price.
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    I bought an 82 Tracker in 96 for 2K with a 40 HP Merc on it. It wasn't in near that good of shape but I used it till last year and sold it for 1700 so I got my moneys worth from it. Your price sounds real sweet for what your getting.
  5. Bubbakat

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    A low hour well kept boat with good running condition is worth the price he's asking. As for the trim I am 59 years old and on the 25 I wouldn't need the trim. As for wells you will have to sacrifice something for other things. I would take it out on the water and test it and If I was pleased then I would buy it. The speed on that set up is going to be a little slower then that but it will get you from point A to point B before you go to sleep from boredom.

    Sounds like a good set up.
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    sounds like a good deal to me. i bought a tracker 16 foot last year paid close to 11 for it came with 50 merc and it only does about 30 mph with GPS. IMO i would take it for a ride on the water and make sure it purforms proper goes into gear and don't make any funny noises. and doesn't leak. good luck
  7. teaysvalleyguy

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    From what I have seen on used boat prices and such it sounds like you are getting a great deal. It is hard to buy from friends because if something happens then it can cause friction. That is the only thing I would worry about.
  8. Fishing Fred

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    Seeing the prices on used boats in that condition around my area, seems you are getting a good deal. Sounds like the boat has been well taken of. That 25 Merc is a sweet running, usually low matinance engine.