Wondering anyone else grows em, Candy Iris.

Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by Scott Daw, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    A few years ago i got a seed packet for a candy iris. I managed to grow 2 plants to maturity from it. and each year I manage a handful of seedlings that I give away. I've got 8 right now coming up (1/2" tall) I was wondering if anyone else has heard or kept them. Do they come in other colors then my orange & purple? I cant find them anymore, I'd like to enlarge the gene pool.

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    I have one of the orange ones and the lady called it a blackberry lily. The link above is what I have in my yard.

    The pink one reminds me of a perinneal orchid I purchased in VA a few years back. I'm afraid it hasn't returned this year, or I've overlooked it, as I have been working long hours.

    Hope the link helps you to find out if there are other colors.