Wondering Any Body Make Their Own Stink Cheese Bait

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfishermanstiles, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Wondering If Any One Makes Their Own Have Been Doing This For Many Years My Bait Works Great On Rivers And Around Spillways I Have Many Different Kinds And Try One Or Two Of Them To See What Mihjt Be Working I Catch A Few In Lakes But Not As Good Underspillways And River I Know Biger Bait Works For Bigger Fish And That's What I'm After But I Catch 15-25 Rangeing From 2-10 On My Bait Within Around 3 Hours Using Fresh Bait Seems To Take A Little More Time To Find Them And Precinte The Bait To Them Wondering If Any Body Had Much Luck On Their Bait They Make And Mabee See If In Your Area They Prefer Different Types Of Smell And What Might Work Well For You I Prfer A Dip Type Not Dough If Any Body From Texas Or From Where Ever Like Some Feedback If Like Can PM me.
    Thanks Marshall Lakes I Fish Belton Tx Granger Have More Luck On My Bait And Mostly Blues All Catching Some On Stillhouse As Well Thankd And Good Luck Goodfishing A Fellow Catfish Catchin Lover
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    welcome to the BOC .
    if you check this section out you may get more ideas and better response in this section here.
    i myself have never made any of my own bait.
    wife doesnt like storebought baits so im sure i would catch
    trouble trying to concoct something like that here at the house:p .