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    I had to post this in the Michigan section(already posted in the rod review section). If one of you guys have seen these rods in your local tackle shop, or have some insight on the marketing of these rods let us know.

    This is an information post only. Today I went to Lakeside Fishing Shop located in St Clair Shores, Michigan. My purpose for going in the store was to see if they had a reel I had seen on the internet (got to love the internet...gets you in trouble every time LOL). Well anyway, I get into this heavy conversation with the proprietor about all sorts of stuff fishing related (he didn't have my reel, nor heard of it LOL), and we started talking about fishing rods. I knew the store carried a bunch of Tiger rods from previous visits. When I told him that I fish for catfish the first place he took me was to the Tiger bin, and started in heavy on the Tiger lite series.

    As I've stated in the past catfishing is not extremely popular here, so when these guys want to feature something you have to keep in mind that they have musky, salmon, and other species on their minds. I believe this is why he took me to the Lites instead of the Tigers most trophy cat hunters prefer. The Lites are pretty sweet, and probably all you need for most catfishing situations here, but that was just the beginning.

    After he showed me the Lites I was led to the next isle over where he showed me an 8 foot rod that was a see through blank construction (the kind where you can see the graphite ring pattern), and this thing felt like a Tiger Lite with the exception of the length. The color of the rod is maize with blue guide wraps and gold accents. The guides are black with inserts (which is different than a Tiger), but the action is about the same. I say about the same because I have no way to do an exact measurement, but it was very close. The name of this rod is called a Wolverine Charter Special; marketed of course with Michigan University in mind, so this might not be an attractive offer for Buckeye fans! ROTFLOL! This was on the rod in bold with the Shakespeare label along with the wording "Tiger Blank." The rest of the label went on to describe the line test rating like any other rod, although I didn't see anything for lure weight.

    Has anyone ever wished for an 8 foot Tiger? Well these particular rods come in 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 foot versions both spinning and baitcasting! It was explained to me that it is some type of exclusivity contract in place to distribute these rods here. I tried to Google the heck out of these rods and couldn't find anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Information on Surge catfish rods is difficult to find even today, and was impossible when I first purchased mine a year or so ago. Surge rods are awesome! Anyway, as far as these rods are concerned they are slicker than spit, and merit further research. They range between $40 and $85 depending on the length you want.

    If you desire any further information (and you should do further research because I will) PM me and I will give you the number to the tackle shop. As a point of reference, this tackle shop is a fixture in the community, and is quite reputable in selling high dollar items for Michigan's other species. They are definitely not fly by nighters, and I don't work for them in any capacity. LOL. The reason why I am sharing this info with you is I know Tigers are popular here, and maybe someone else may have some insight on this type of marketing with the Shakespeare product. It was to my understanding that even custom builders couldn't get Tiger blanks. In any case, do your research if you're interested.:smile2:

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    You are a good man Vic for helping out the brothers.

    But what sicko is gonna get a Wolverine themed rod?? LMAO :tounge_out:

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    Matt, come on out of the closet brother. You know you love the maize and blue. Hey, those rods might even help you catch a fish or two.:big_smile_2: Seriously though, they thought about doing a Buckeye Charter Special for pay lake use only, but it didn't go over so well...:happy: :happy: :happy:
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    You and the rest of us if we knew that it would catch fish.You would just fish it in the dark.He,he.peewee-williams
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    vic from what i hear your the won that whould know about what size rod to use for all kind of fishing situations lol good post them tiger rods will do the trick if not let me know i will recomend something . ron howard