Wolf Creek Dam

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    Rode up today to look the dam over at wolf creek. they have finished doubleing the width of the earthen section of the dam. capped that with concrete and now are drilling holes to the foundation through the cap and pumping in some sort of grout. the are building something with gravel below the dam. looks like a road now i just wander if they are going to add to the dam on both sides. cumberland lake is down 40 feet. hope what they are doing works but it really disturbs me the contractors sign says the main contractor is out of ontario. do we not have any united states contractors capable of doing that job. i have nothing against canadians but i would like to see my tax dollars going to citizens.
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    Ya, I agree at least do it the American way and give it to the illegals, LOL well I hope they finish it soon, I heard someone say it is a 7 year job, is this true?

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    The contractor may be out of canada but I would be most of the work is being done by locals.
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    This is a a thing from www.dougoutdoors.com about the dam posted yesterday.
    Dam Break Could Cause Casualties, But Corps Notes It Has Plans In Place To Avert That Happening
    From Corps of Engineers--Nashville District:
    The Center Hill Dam is in need of repair. The Corps of Engineers has a plan to accomplish that repair.
    Under normal operating conditions, there could be casualties downstream of a Center Hill Dam failure as was reported in yesterday’s Tennessean. It is important to note that the Corps of Engineers has implemented risk reduction measures that would reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence. Since March of 2005, the Corps has kept the lake well below normal operating levels. This initiated a series of comprehensive measures to mitigate the risk of failure.
    The primary objective of the Corps is to maintain public safety by reducing the risk of failure at Center Hill Dam. The Corps has implemented risk reduction measures and is following an approved plan. To date, all required funding has been provided.
    Current risk reduction measures include: lowered pool operating levels; expedited grouting in the dam and embankment to address seepage in the most critical areas; increased monitoring, with both instrumentation and personnel, of the dam and adjacent embankment; emergency action planning with local emergency managers; and public education within affected areas.
    Corps engineers have monitored seepage since the dam was completed in 1951. Since that time, multiple repairs have been made. In 2005, to reduce stress on the foundation of the dam, the Corps lowered the lake level approximately 10 feet. In late 2006, the Corps began to maintain the level at the lower end of the lake operating plan. Seepage increases as lake levels rise; therefore, maintaining a lower lake elevation will reduce the progression of seepage. The Environmental Impact Statement available for public review is considering the impacts of future lake levels to reduce risk to people and property.
    The Corps has an aggressive Dam Safety program to constantly monitor our ten dams on the Cumberland River, and that includes Center Hill. As part of the Dam Safety Program, an external peer review of the Corps’ plan is expected to be completed soon.
    The remedial plan includes three major construction contracts. The first is scheduled to be underway by the end of 2007. The Corps is taking steps to expedite the placement of grout in the most critical areas. More grouting and cut-off walls will follow.
    Flood damage reduction is one of the purposes for which the dam was built and to date Center Hill Dam has prevented more than $300 million in damages. The Corps of Engineers is pursuing an active plan for repair of Center Hill Dam.
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    southeast tn
    Does TVA have anything to do with that project? because if they do they are only supposed to hire union out of the local halls. A contractor or sub should still have to comply with that. But if they don't generate power it may be a whole different box of worms,like the ones I found under my toolbox the other day, man I love that smell don't you.