WMA sticker and Flint River.

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    On my way to Atlanta, I swung by the Big Lazer WMA. I found the road that leads down to the Flint river. Looks like a nice spot for bank fishing as the road dead ends into a curve on the river and it's the inside curve, with rocks and such so I'm guessing there is some type of hole there.

    Even with my Kayak, I'd have to drag it ways to launch, so boat access seems limited.

    I was wondering you need a WMA sticker on your fishing [FONT=&quot]License if you fish in the flint rather than the Big Lazer itself? I'm guessing so since you are on the WMA area property, but I guess if you were in a boat it would not be required. I have a WMA sticker, but I was just curious.

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    Thomaston, Geor
    nope,you don't need the stamp to fish the river.and theirs one of the roads that goes back to the river,and then runs parrelel with the river for a couple of hundred yards.the road is right at the river so you could tote your yak 10 feet to the river.theres some good fishin just limited access for boats,but a yak or a small 12 foot john boat would work there.