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Following a 2.5 month absence , I decided to ride down here to try this area in the warmer months. I arrived at the fire station about 7:15. Walking beneath the bridge , I sat my belongings down , and immediately baited the Ugly Stik with livers. This was the first one to be thrown out. The other rods were baited with nightcrawlers and bluegill on the largest setup. 5 minutes after I got there , the Stik began to bow!! It turned out to be a channel about 15 inches and 2 pounds. I baited and tossed it out , then began prepping the light tackle to catch some additional bait. No sooner than I'd sat down , the Stik bowed again!! It was another channel , same length , but 3 pounds. Over the ensuing hour , I ended up catching 9 analogs of the 2nd fish!! This unexpected twist of events led to me breaking a personal record of number of keepers caught while fishing solo. I ended up releasing 5. I even caught channels on the setup I tried to catch bluegill with!! Matter of fact , I caught no bluegills at all. I was using a size 1 aberdeen hook , and kinda hoped it was a crappie or bass , but to my utter astonishment , it was a good sized channel!! It even straightened the hook!! Luckily , no lines were broken in the fracas. Several other people were fishing , but none had any strikes. I may give that area a shot at night to see what transpires.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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