with the price of gas

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    With the price of gas being so high I have been fishing local lakes, and not making unnessary trips to the stores. I also have notice my spending habits changed, Do i realy need this is the first question i ask. Always in the back of my mind there is the looming thought of having enough money to fill up my truck, I know many of us don't have that extra cash hanging around, with the rising cost of food, gas, and almost everything else, has changed me and i'm sure most of us in the way we see things now. We have always planted a garden, this year it has been expanded a little. My trips to lakes out side of local lakes has been cut back, Just can't see the cost of filling up my tank to do something i can do in my own back yard. How has the rise of gas prices and food prices changed your life so far. I know I have not been the wises shopper but I am finding my self becoming much more thrifty. Alway looking for a deal. As most of us go into the summer months the thought of vacations " that use to be something to look foward too" has now become something to dread, I feel that we are seeing the biginning of the end of the american dream, With all that is happening around the world, and the sortages here at home it won't be long till a choice will needed to be made, weather to extend our hands helping to other counties, or cutting off aid and keeping here. Choices needed to be made. Many of the our citizens are looking at disaster weather by nature or by finiancial means. I know that we are pulling together to help as many as we can even though our resources are spread thin, We as a nation has alway pulled together to get out of tough times, This is one of them times, Look at your neighbor extend a hand if they need help. don't let pride stop you if you need help, ask, if we all work together we will get through tough times as we have in the past. Jeff
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    Oil prices reached a new record today just as it seems it does on most days here lately. Some economist are predicting the possibility of oil reaching as high as 180.00-200.00 a barrel within the next year or so. Predictions are if oil reaches that level then gas would run about 5.60 a gallon. Scary thoughts!

    I have totally changed a lot about my lifestyle and the way I spend money, the amount I drive and where I go due to prices and the current flow of the economy. Vacation is something that I am not a big fanatic on blowing a lot of money on anyway. I really prefer to take off and go camping and fishing for the better part of a week rather than go to some resort area. I generally stay at a state park,on a waterfront site and there are several within roughly of 1 hour where I live and with the reasonable camping rates generally not that expensive of a vacation but truly a enjoyable and relaxing one.

    Of course this year will be somewhat higher due to the increased fuel cost but a tank of gas in the truck and possibly two tanks of fuel in the boat at the most for the week, throw in some ice and the park fees should still be able to squeak by for roughly 350.00 or less for the week not counting food but I will still eat whether I go or not so not counting that.

    Whether will still be able to afford the fuel next year who knows but not going to let that slow me down this year anyway!