With a Little Hope

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    With a Little Hope

    Often, it is through
    the most difficult days of our lives
    that we come to know ourselves
    and what is truly important to us.
    No matter how sad you may feel at times,
    be confident that hope will
    awaken with you tomorrow.

    Faith and courage reach out to you;
    take hold of them, and you will find
    that you will be able to smile again
    and truly be happy once more.

    How we deal with life
    is really a matter of personal choice,
    so choose to be happy.
    Find joy in the simplest things,
    and see beauty in each person you meet.
    When times are difficult,
    remind yourself that no pain
    comes to you without a purpose.

    Above all, trust in
    God's handcrafted plan
    that He has made just for you.
    Let Him love you through life's
    joyous and painful aspects;
    if you do,
    you will find inner peace
    and unending joy.

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