Wish I was young again...

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    Yesterday, I was researching tanks to make a LARGE bait tank out of. Went to tractor supply website and saw a bunch of stock watering tanks. The one that really caught my eye was an 8X2' round tank.

    Now before I start the story, here's a bit of background. When in high school and college, I was a straight A student in mathematics. Our son is 23 and was also a straight A student, and went much higher in math than I did. I would walk through algebra like it was second nature and could do most of the hardest problems in my head. He obviously can still do the same (see the story for explination).

    Our son is VERY protective of me. He "THINKS" it's his job to protect me because I'm disabled... Don't get me wrong, I love our son, and would give my life for him, but he's got it all backwards. LOL We are a very open family, and we say what we feel, even if it's bad. We work through it, and even our son speaks his mind. We won't have it any other way.

    So I'm sitting in here and I'm looking at this tank. It has no gallon size on it. just the measurements. I open a new tab in firefox and get the formula for the dimensions of a cylinder, and then the conversion from dimensions to gallons. I don't have a PI button, so here's the math... PI*Radius squared*height... The tank is an 8X2, so it's 3.14*16*2... I run the math on the calculator, and I come out with 100.48... This is how many cubic feet is in the tank. For every cubic foot, there is 7.48 gallons of water, so I do the math. 100.48*7.48, and I come up with an answer of 751.5904 gallons.

    I'm medicated ALL the time, so my first thought is to go have my son check my math (I do this quite often), but he's at the fridge getting a drink. I ask him to check my math, and he says ok... So I stand there and blab off the numbers... He sits there and does it in his head, and then walks off and says "Yeap, you're right."..... SMARTA$$!

    Wish I was young again. :embarassed:
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    They used to be 9' around and 2' tall. They were rated at 1000 gal then. I have one we bought 25+ years ago for my younguns as a swimming pool. Toy truck proof pools. lol