Wintertime reflections

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfish kenny, Dec 2, 2007.

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    The year before last I caught 5 22-25lb blue and flats....them are the biggest fish I have ever caught and they were befor I knew of the BOC,My brothers give me alot of slack but I got to be there when they hooked baby moby this year ,Each of them caught a 22-25 lber.there pb..Lilly was a 15lb flatt and Todd a 12 pound flatt....I think I was more excited than them.Evertime I read someone saying they beat there pb I get that feeling when you see it break water.....I mean you know it is big but when you see it break it just takes your breath away.I look at some of the fellas beast they have caught and mine just dont seem so big but I love the rush,but on the otherhand I am getting there,to catch one of any size is something init self.This year the biggest I caught was 15lb I hope next year I might get a more respectible 30 plus but even if I dont I am still gonna be out there chasing MOBY KITTY .......Ahhhhhh wintertime reflections ...UNTIL SPRINGTIME....GOOD LUCK OUT THERE AND BE SAFE:go:
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    Ah, Kenny, you give a whole new meaning to "break water"...nice, really nice! :wink: