Winter time safety while fishing.

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    With the cold weather upon us safety is important issue, for boaters keep your life vest on all the time, and if you have a tether for your motor use it, using a boat tether to your life vest has been suggested in many of the safety articles, reduce the amount of exposed skin, and exposed skin use a moisturizer to reduce chapping, keep a hat on most of your body heat is lost off the top of your head, with bank fishing watch where you walk, ice on the shore could make a great day of fishing cut short quick, keep a change of clothing handy, if by chance you fall in get out of the wet clothing quickly wet clothing and into warm dry blanket or clothing, remember warm up slowly, this will prevent shock, exposed fingers and water is a bad mix, keep your hands dry. I know this is a hard thing to do while fishing, using fingerless gloves helps keeping your hands warm, and most of all cold water is a killer, What you would do most times of the year while fishing may not be advise in cold weather, taking chances is not worth getting that one fish, it will be there latter on when the weather warms up, last also make a game plan and let people know where your going and what time you expect to be back, I sure with this post I would hope some of you will chime in and let us know what you do to stay safe while fishing in the winter months, Jeff
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    Jeff thanks for reminding us of the cold weather safety pointers

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    Great subject, Some thing every one needs to think about this time of year. Winter safety!​
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    i reckon i need a wake up call, i plum near froze wen i got them buffalow in that vidio lol, my hands were turning blue