Winter Time Creek Fishing??

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by baptistpreach, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. baptistpreach

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    I live in Oklahoma, and this creek averages less than 2 feet most of the time, probably more like 1 foot mostly.

    I had heard that there's still good fishing in the creeks in winter time if you can find pools. Is that true? Also, what kind of bait and presentation etc. is best?
  2. fishstick

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    Fouke, Arkansas
    your creeks sound like my home river. SHALLOW! if the fish are there they should be in the deepest holes of the creek that you can find during winter. my home river averages 3 to 5ft with 20 to 30ft holes. if the current is slow i'd look for the fish scattered along any type of structure in these deep pockets (edges, dropoffs, wood, boulders, anything to give them something to relate to for security and an ambush point for feeding. if the creek has a strong current i'd look for current breaks and current seams. usually the upstream end of a hole will have some dropoffs that fish can count on for a current break and catch any food floating downstream into the hole.
    as for bait, depending on the species, i would think that cut shad or perch would work pretty well. you might give secret-7 a try too. if blue or channel cats are there they'll bite well during the winter months.

  3. hct236

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    I went last saturday to a creek about like the one you described, I fished deep holes where the creek makes inside turns and did pretty good catching channels with some cut bait I have had frozen for a while. I have heard secret 7 works pretty good in winter to.