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Fall/Winter is here or approaching and you told your wife, girlfriend, buddies, etc. that you were going to winterize your boat and put all of your fishing gear in the storage building, basement, barn, shed or garage until spring because you heard or think that Mr./Ms Whiskers is going to hibernate until Spring. Wrong! You eat in the Winter, why shouldn't they!

They will bite and they are out there waiting on you to offer them a nice chunk of bass, striper, shad, gizzard shad, etc. For best results, I would suggest that you take a little boat trip and cruise around at 5 to 8 MPH and keep your eye on your sonar. Don't bother with the main river channel, but go back into the back of creeks, coves and feeder streams. Look for bait and some arches, they both do not have to be together. After you find five to say eight good spots. Then go and anchor down a hundred of so feet away from your scouted spots and cast out your baits in a fan like pattern. I have been told and I do not know this for a fact, but a fresh bait or doctored bait will draw cats from a distance of 500 feet or more. I would suggest that you give each spot 30 minutes and if you don't get a bite move, but if you do get a bite and another bite, stay until the bite stops. There is an old saying "never leave biting fish", it has paid off for a lot of the BOC members over the years.

Some might not know what I mean by doctored bait. You can marinate your striper, bass, crappie, etc. in shad oil, garlic, manhaden oil, WD-40, etc. All of these oils have worked at different times for a lot of different fishermen.

If you decided to venture out and try what I have told you, be sure to layer your clothing for the external temps. and wind that you will be subjected too. Remember, you can take clothes off when you are out, but it is hard to put them on when you don't have them. Bad thing about this cold weather fishing is that it is hard to keep your hands warm and that it the way it is!

Winter time fishing can be dangerous (ice on the deck/floor,etc.), so wear your life jacket if you are fishing alone! Mac
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