Winter Time Catfishing Tips

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    Any of you guys do much Winter time catfishing on the Ohio River.Went out Thursday,fished afew of my spots that were producing Quality fish back in late Fall, never even got a sniff!!! 3hrs nothing.So the question at hand is,What are some of main factors you look for when Winter Time Catfishing.Thanks alot, any info would be awesome.
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    Look for deeper holes that have a current break. Any kind of current break will work. We catch big blues in as shallow as 25 feet and as deep as 75 feet. Don't bother with the flatheads right now, focus on blues. So fresh cut skips or shad. Downsize baits a little bit. We have had big blues hit on small shad heads the size of a quarter. Fillets have seemed to be the best bait around here lately but experiment.

    I also rely on my graph alot more heavily this time of year. I don't waste alot of time in a spot if we aren't marking fish. They are usually so stacked that if they are there, you will see them. Learn how to tell the difference in a cat and a gar from the lines because the gar will be holding in some holes and don't bother wasting the time.

    Fish the front edge of the scour holes. The active fish will be here, the fish holding in the middle, deep water are inactive. On a warm front, try flats that are very close to the holes, the blues will move up and forage.

    Hope some of this helps :) Once you find them, you will be able to hit them every time for the next 2 months.

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    Sounds like good info SkiMax...thanx bro