Winter strategy?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Pacman, Nov 18, 2007.

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    South Carolina
    I've spent most of my life in pursuit of bream, so I've got a lot to learn about catfishing.

    I've always heard that winter is the time to catch the big ones.

    What do you do differently when cold weather hits (other than put on a coat)? Baits? Location? Depth? Technique? Time of day or night? Rigs?...
  2. Zebco 33

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    I'm sure most folks will give a better answer on the big ones, but I"ll throw in on how I go about just catching keepers.....

    I like using a slip float rig, and I'll keep it pretty shallow. I think the fish feed inthe warmer top layer of the water during a cold front. I also look for shallow structure and coves recieving alot of sun to warm the water and block the cold wind. And I keep the bait and tackle light.


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    Pacman it all has to do with where you fish I'm sure. I'm a river fisherman and winter is blue cat heaven for me. Now not every day is super but man there are alot of great winter days. I fish the Trinity river in south east Texas. It's a sand/ clay bottom river, the holes are in the 20' to 40' deep range and the straights are 2' to 8' most of the time. Both of these are normal levels no flooding. I find the blues stacked up at the heads of the holes just on the dropoffs. A fresh peice of shad or cut bait and a blue cat soon follows. I use the graph all the time and you have to move all day because after you catch a few fish they will move off. I might cover a 10 miles of river in a day. Now if you river fish you know that there is not that many good holes in a 10 mile section. 10 maybe 12 holes in the section I cover. I catch some of the biggest blues of the year doing this. A 12 lb to 18 lb fish is pretty common. tons in the 10 lb and under range. So anyway thats my take on the winter bite. Good luck