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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Duckpoor, Nov 6, 2008.

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    When you put those tillers ,mowers and other 4 stroke pieces to bed for their long winters nap, How do you do it to avoid issues in the Spring.
    Being aware of the New fule mixes and how some of the older stuff isn't happy with the blend, I was wondering about what the reciepe for winter storage. I always Change the oil, fill the tanks to the top with Sta-bil or Seafoam treated gas, Give them a goos going over with compressed air and Push them back in the corner.

    This spring I have had to rebuild three different Carbs , one mower, one Tiller and one generator... ( long term storage). Maybe it was just time????
    I am thinking about doing the standard maint and then draining the fule and running them dry. Good plan?? Bad plan???
    I know the hazzards of doing the running them dry on a two stroke , but that shouldn't come into play here.
    Just wondered what everyone else thought and how they kept them healty thru the winter ?
    R Green
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    We clean every thing up ,do the maint. and then we start them every month and run for at least 10 min. that way the block gets hot and any moister is burned away. Hope this helps