Winter pattern for Blues on James River?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Hummers4, Dec 4, 2008.

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    I'm very new to fishing for catfish and am used to largemouth bass and their seasonal patterns. How do Blues respond to the change of season? What are their habits in December, January & February? Do they stay deep or come shallow at times during the day? Stay on the bottom of suspend?:confused2:

  2. JPritch

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    They're everywhere that's fishy. That probably doesn't clear things up much. But use that bass fishing knowledge, and you'll probably find cats in the same spots.

    I've caught them recently in 5-10' of water on shallow flats and next to the shore holding tight to structure like pilings and laydowns.

    Also caught them deeper in 20-30' where the bottom drops. This is the best time of year to be on the water targeting big blues.

    I wouldn't recommend finding the deepest hole 60-90' and just dropping your lines in there. It could be a long wait.

  3. Dave53

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    I have heard many brothers say that this is the best time to catch large blues..I went almost every week last year and never caught anything. How can this be the "best" time for large blues when it seems to be so hard to a-locate them, and b-get them to bite? I have heard that you have to put the bait in front of them this time of the year to get them to take it.
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    Once the water cools I think the big blues go to the deeper holes in the rivers and the best time on the James is the end of october till about the first week of april.The bait is usually deeper then too so if you find alot of bait deep the cats are there to.I have also caught cats when there was no bait showing.So for big cats I would fish the around the deep holes from 18 ft down to around 60 ft till you find where they are holding.