Winter is Here ...!!!!!

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    Newark, Ohio
    There is no doubt that winter has arrived in Ohio ... The temps are going down, the wind is blowing like crazy with freezing rain and snow mixed. The wind chill is headed for -10 this afternoon and night and the certainty that most furbearers will stay in their warm dens for a day or two.

    With this in mind, I pulled most all of my trap line yesterday or least all of those I could get to. With 1.75 inches of rain the day before, the water came up a couple of feet and a few of the traps were unaccessible. I was able to retrieve all of my traps from the 3 ponds and was rewarded with 2 very nice muskrats.

    Since trapping season isn't over, there will be more days of fighting the elements ahead, but the next few days will give me a chance to regroup and prepare for the opening of Beaver and Otter season which comes in on December 26.

    I have a partner for the Beaver Season and we have locations that have 5 beaver dams on them and a lot of cutting activity. We have decided that we won't put these hides up ourselves and space doesn't permit and I am not sure my hands will take it. Beaver will be a new venture for me, but I think I am prepared to tackle it head on.

    Well, during this reprieve, I would like to wish all of my fellow trappers and their families and a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

    Totals To Date:

    Rats ..... 43
    Coon .... 30
    Mink ...... 8
    Possum ... 3

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    Your lucky you still have a free state.Here in washinghton state the citizens of seattle (which their votes carry the whole state )have basically outlawed trapping.We have to use live traps only.I would love to be trapping but what can ya do except move which is exactly what we are planning on doing when we retire in a few years.We still harvest coyoye hides via the 25-06 and the .223 Good luck and finish the year strong.