Winter has been horrible this year

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by loki1982, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Well it started in the fall, our lakes were going down fast. Sometime in October most of our ramps closed down because the water was soo low. I havnt been able to fish for month. The last 2 weeks have been rain, snow, sleet, and freezing or near freezing tempertures every day. This week end I check to see my nearest lake is still 9-10 foot low, apparantly almost no run off from 2 weeks of wet weather didnt make it into this lake. Our next favorite lake which is twice the distance, is down 6 foot instead of 12 like it was. So we plan Sunday to go out and fish. In about 40 degree weather, 46 degree water, I go out and throw my cast net for 2 hours. I caught nothing. I threw this net in 30 foot of water, 25 foot of water, around the marina, around the tires at the marina, around the dam, at the bank, the South West side of the lake, the North East side of the lake. We brought no bait, because we have literally never went to the lake when we couldnt catch atleast a few baby shad. We ended up using some year old doughbait that we found in hiding in the boat. We didnt get a bite.

    Winter is usually my favorite time to fish, but this year is really frustrating.
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    north carolina
    hey something you might want to try for bait. last time our water levels was down in the summer i found bait back in the coves where all the new grass had started growing and the water covered it back up. i really dont know if that cause algea in the water or was a food source for the shad but they was in there. bad part was all the grass in the cast net. i hope things improve for ya.

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    I feel your pain, personally I hate winter and cant wait for spring flathead fishing.