Winter Fishing

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    I went to the same spot I talked about in my previous post and caught another nice channel cat on river herring. After that I moved arround to see if they were in other places. I tried in faster waters and much deeper water also but never got a hit. As I said I was going to try after sunset to see if the bite would be better so I went back to the spot where I caught the channel and luck would have it the duck hunters were comming out so I thaught it would be prudent to get out of Dodge.
    The other day I went to Coffeen Lake and fished all day and as I was leaving a line of four or five boats were just getting there so maybe the cats are more active at nite even late in the year. Good Fishin Tom
  2. I have been getting a slow but steady bite up here. Seems like scent from cut baits or livers really calls them in. I also added a float on a longer leader to keep the bait off the bottom and it seems to be the ticket for right now. I have also been scouting areas with my trolling motor, and I am seeing cats and carp in very shallow water during the day time. Even the night bite is not all in the deep, most of the bites came from the shallower and transition areas.