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Discussion in 'Bank Fishing' started by 187um, Jan 25, 2010.

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    west frankfort, ill
    so i have a question about winter fishing.....i do fish regularly in winter but i went last night did ok 8 eater sized channels (man o man were they good) anyway the wind was blowing in at me, and it got me wondering i know you want the wind coming in at you for all the plankton to come towards you and the n baitfish then the question is this would this be the same thought even after the ice melts?? or does the ice kill all the plankton and what not?? anyone have any thoughts??
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    I have never really heard of that plankton thing. I know that when the river ices over there will be a shad die off in the creeks. Sometimes this will bring the blues and channels in closer to the shore but only when the river goes up. One thing that I have noticed is if you can catch sauger in a creek the water is high enough that the cats have come closer to the mouth of the creek. Use smaller baits because their metabolism has decreased. As far as the wind, I try to stay away from it because it makes my face cold. At the public boat landing in Cincinnati I fish from within my car because I am super lazy and like to be comfortable haha. of luck...hope some of this may have helped you out but I have a tendency to ramble.

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    if you can find a nice cove with the wind coming in where the water is deep then gets shallow like 5ft deep you can nail channel cats there cause they come up in the shallows to eat at night