Winter feed eh?

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    It appears that I know nothing of the winter feed, as I have only started fishing seriously this summer. I have noticed that the fast and furious days of summer have slowed in the weeks since Labor Day. However, I have not been out in the last week and a half (except to sit in the rain with Tony in pursuit of the wascally flattie). Is there a pause in the action before the WF starts? It seems I have heard this somewhere. Also, could it be true that the summer spots are played out for the year and I need to re adjust my efforts to more appropriate places. I am referencing mainly channels in a lake environment. We had good luck all summer on deeper flats near where the depth began to get shallower, and on strucure in deeper water. Another item seeking enlightenment: what is the advantage of suckers, cut or alive, over say gills, etc.? I have really enjoyed becoming one of the gang, and look forward to meeting more of you. Tony and Sal have already been very good to me, and the rest of you sound equally nice. I am planning on going out several times next week as I have family in town to visit with, so any opinions or advice would be awesome. thanks, Steve
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    I'm haveing the same problem since the hot weather cool down. As you, since Labor Day things have gone sour. Sunday I fished the Mississippi river, Monday the Cedar river, this morning the local resivour. Didn't catch enough to make soup. Getting discouraged, Fall feed bag, I think not.