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    Well, it is December and back home the best blue cat fishing of the year is starting to wind down a little. At least it is getting too cold for me to be out there. The channels are in their wintering holes along with the flatheads. If you know the deepest hole in a given section then you can really slaughter some channels in a day of anchoring and tossing small chunks of cut bait. Here is my question. I have lived in the Destin FL area for a few years but I never have really tried to fish the rivers in the winter. Actually this is the first year I have fished the rivers here at all. Do the fish here ever really even move into a wintering hole? Back home 55 deg. was pretty much the magic number. As soon as the water dropped below that point it was time to move towards the deeeeep holes. Does the water here ever even get below 50-55? I mean it is still getting up to 65-70 during the day. Could someone give me a little insight to the winter cattin scene here in the my part of the sunshine state?