Winter catfishing.

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    In winter you will mostly find your catfish in deep pocket areas next to the bank, and around large rocks in areas like this.

    In winter a catfish will hang in a deep pocket of water that hads large racks or a large rock init. what the do is hold tight next to the rock or rocks with hardly ever moving sometime they will stay in one are without moving till like a light dust covering gets on them.

    Also area with a rock bottom and deep pocket to go with it is another key place for them sometime can offten be found holding around trees in areas like this also.

    Winter is a good time to really be using and floting dead shad off the bottom in areas like this. as most know in winter alot of shad die out and thes fish when get in the area well and close enuff eat them as they also do in summer.

    Catfish in winter are less active calling for the fisherman to give the fish more time to react to the bait you almost have to set the bait on the fish for them to hit cause of them not moving as much and being less active.

    I hope this is to some help to any whos wondering.