Winter Catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by LiveWire, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. LiveWire

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    LaVergne, Tennessee
    Hey guys, I'm sure this question has been asked more than once before, sorry. Where can I find the catfish during these cold days of winter? Are they running really deep, or more shallow? I live in middle TN. And what kind of rig do you go with on your poles? I'm pretty new to the sport, so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks Yall!
  2. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    the only thing i do different in the winter is to stop fishing for smaller fish and target big blues mainly i look for holes 40 plus deep use cut shad. fillets of big head carps ( silver asain jumping what ever you call them ) . and i am going to try chicken meat injected with liver blood ( i tried it once with no luck but a duddy of mine caught several blues or so he claims i don't change alot from season to season

  3. tomcat85

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    theyre usually running deep. if your fishing the river go down stream look for some snags or deep holes theyll prolly be stacked.
  4. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Fish goes deep in the winter time. try fishing on the bottom.
  5. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    Where I was at last the fish were all holding around 55' deep. But I know not all lakes are that deep. Just experiment as much as you can with different depths. But I would expect them to be deep.
  6. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    Basically, cat's can be caught at any depth at any time of year, but to increase your chances ... fish the depth the food source is. In winter, on lakes or ponds, the thermocline disappears. This lets the bait fish go deeper and scatter a bit. This tends to bring the cats down with them.
    It's normally a safe bet to fish on or just off the bottom, the more difficult thing to figure out is how deep to fish ... 5 foot of water (bottom)? or 40 foot of water (bottom)? Of course that would all depend on the particular water you are fishing.
  7. Arkansascatman777

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    Pay close attention to the water temperature. As long as the water temperature stays above 40 degrees its not cold enough to drive the bait fish to deep water so you can continue to fish 2 ft. water to however deep you normally fish. But when the water temperature drops below 38 degrees the bait fish will be hanging closer to deep water bringing the cats with them. Then when the water temp drops to 34 or 35 degrees and below the fish will be in full winter mode so stay in deep water only. Also watch the gulls when the water temp is 45 and below they will tell you where to fish when it gets cold because they will be feeding on the bait being pushed to the surface by the feeding fish under them.
  8. catman529

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    I fish the Harpeth River, if you know where that is. Bends are usually deep and you should try to find the deepest - most likely the main channel - and use bait from the same place. Since it is kinda cold for a cast net, catch bream or whatever with canned corn or worms. Use the heads or slice them up. Good luck
  9. Alsey

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    I'm sure they're in the deep holes in the dead of winter but some of the best big blue fishing I've done in the fall/winter has been on shallow flats on the river. Don't assume they just sit in those holes all winter. If you want to catch a big blue now's the time.

    Happy Thanksgiving everone.