Winter Catfishing Trends and Tips

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by John Jennings, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. John Jennings

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    What are the common trends or tips for successful winter cats?

    As I see the severity of winter very from year to year what are some of the common trends during harsher or early winters? If anyone has a tip or 2 to help a brother out it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what your opinions are on how to combat weather and changing conditions.
  2. Dave53

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    Lonedell M
    I wish I knew..I wore so many cloths last year I could not bend over to pick up my rods if I had got a bite!

  3. ShilohRed

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    West Tn

    Fleese is the ticket. Last week it was 25 degrees and 15 MPH winds. And with A Fleese top and pants on . And under that I had long johns on. And standard overalls. I was nice and warm. Took my camo coat and overalls. But did not have to even put them on.
    And let me tell you. They have my blood so thin I freeze. But this had me nice and warm. The guy fishing with me has on a high dollar coat and pants and was cold. LOL
    Layer up with this stuff. And you can move and not feel like your going to die trying to bend over.
  4. catoon

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    try panty hose under your long johns
  5. J. Percy Priest

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    Murfreesboro TN
    try bringing some hand warmers with you to put in your gloves. ( hot hands ) and what we have found works really great is sweat pants + shirt under a snow jumpsuit. with a toboggan or one of those hunter hats with the fuzzy ear flaps. we were in freezing weather going 60 mph in the boat and man that wind was killer on my face.. the air will go right thru the toboggan and ski mask but not so bad.. probably the best combo would be ski mask and the fuzzy ear hunter hat. if it gets too hot in the jumpsuit you just unzip it and let the top portion go to ur waste and then you will cool off and you just zip it back up.

    Sort of like this, but mine was made of the tough canvas not this stuff and it had a zipper. i got it at walmart im not sure on the price 0_0 but it had blizzard in the name of the brand
  6. Steve Douglas

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    whaaaaaaaaat? am i on the rite site!

    get you some gortex and call it a day! and you prolly want to talk about some foot ball, hockey or sumum, after that post! :confused2: :big_smile:
  7. cbiblis

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    north carolina
    If you fish rivers and lakes, I suggest (like me) purchasing 5mm breathable waders from cabela's ( with the front kangaroo pouch for your hands) and wear Remington 80% polyester underalls available at Wal-mart in the hunting section. Then wear a t-shirt and light weight wind breaker over top. I stay nice a comfy even on rainy days. That way you can fish all year round. Hot hands aren't a bad idea eather. I put mine in my pouch and wear light weight fishing gloves. You don't want to wear thick winter gloves when your trying to bait and most importantly when your trying to reel in a big one.
  8. Alsey

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    Personally, I try to catfish off of the bank or off rip rap in the winter. It gets too cold in the boat especially when the wind is blowing. On the bank you can move around and get the blood flowing.

    I also check the temp, wind speed and direction, etc. the day before. I have a catalytic heater that uses those small screw in propane canisters. For you cold weather fishermen I strongly suggest you check these out. Bass pro carries them for around $30. They're lightweight and flameless but put out enough heat to keep your core temp up and thaw your hands fast when you have to get them wet handling a catch. One $2 canister will run it on high for about 4-6 hours.

    Someone mentioned panty hose. They work from what I hear. I have some silk thermal underware. They're extremely thin like panty hose and they keep you good and toasty. Neoprene gloves are nice (and cheap) too.
  9. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    Downsize your baits?

    Use mushy stuff like livers?

    The cats are used to eating winter killed fish so cut bait is key?
  10. JimmyJonny

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    On my head I wear a carhartt winter hat topped with a face mask type deal that covers all the way form my head to my shoulders. It is amazing how much this helps keep warm air escaping out of your neck area.

    On top I wear a t-shirt first ,then 2 thermals , a wind breaker ( this is one of the best cloths I wear ), then another thin jacket with a hood.

    My legs get 2 thermals , my Joe boxer pajamas, LOL,.... very warm and then sweat pants.

    My feet get .....first, wool socks, a plastic bag then a thin cotton sock . I also use toasty toe's foot warmers.

    After all that is on I have the blizzard cover all's on.

    For my hands I just use thin-sulate gloves but I don't use hand warmers. Instead I use the same toasty toes but I stick them to the inside on my cover-all pockets . I hate warmers in my gloves because I have to mess with them too much. I get my hands wet in the tank, dry them off and then stick my hands in my pocket . The cool thing is that with the warmers in your pocket like that it keeps them stuck by your arteries in your pelvis . It actually warms your blood that goes up and down your legs and feet.

    I fished 2 nights ago and it was 25f with winds and I never got cold.
  11. mrmarkedwards

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    like blacky said fish smaller baits and use baits that throw off a lot of scent. fish from the bank and bone up on your firemaking skills.