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    I know I am thinking a little far in advance, but does catfish behavior change much in the winter? If so, how?

    *I was just day dreaming about hunting and then I thought to myself 'what am I gonna do in the middle of the day when i'm not hunting'?
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    I caught the heck out of large blues from December to February last year in an oxbow lake. I was perch fishing in early December and threw out a catfish line and set it off to the side in a rod holder. I caught a 14 and 18 pound blues about 5 minutes apart. After that I left my perch gear and took the heavy cat rods out there and caught a bunch of blues between 15 and 26pounds. To be honest, I'm looking forward to January. When the water temp started to go up in late February they moved back out into the river.

    I caught all of them on the edge of an old channel (it's a man-made oxbow so the old channel is still there) in about 8-10 foot of water.
    The duck hunters thought I was crazy out there with a heater and 10 foot catfish rods at sunup.

    As far as behavior, if you find where they're at be aware they don't move quite as fast when the water is cool. The bites will be slower and the rod will arch over slower. Give them a little more time before you set the hook if you don't use circle hooks.

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    i catch biger fish in winter time tho the wind will cut u in half will usly be in deepest hole u can find on a lake..i like chicken livers or cut bait in winter time..
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    i have caught a few noodling in the winter time..... But they were caught in a small run off channel when the river floods... they get trapped inside and noway back to the river so me and my brother in law ride the fourwheelers out and travel this trench its a good mile and a half stretch... we usally find about 15 over 30# and a whole bunch under that.... one time we found one that didnt make it. and it seems the coyote have gotten to it right before we found it.. but it had to weigh a good 60-70#... it was a shame to see such a big flathead perish... hopefully hes got a grampa in the area and i'll catch him in his memory...