Winter Catfish---HELP

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    Nixa, Mo
    Now that I'm hooked up with the world's best catfisherpeople, I need help in going after winter catties. I live in Nixa, surrounded by Missouri's best lakes, but do not have a clue!
    I must admit that catfish are my first love growing up as a little river rat in Nebraska, I spend most of my time catching everything else, like now, it's time to catch slab crappie but I need your help to go after if it's possible CATTIES IN THE WINTER:wink:
  2. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    Now's a great time to go after Blues. Locating them can take a while(sometimes as much as 4 hours) but when you do it can be fun. I have had some pretty good days prior to the snow but I haven't been out since. Locate shad in the river channel and the cats ain't far behind(usually under). They can be finicky but if they are biting its a blast. See ya on the water!