Wing dams

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  1. tryin2learn

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    are the longer ones the best to fish or the shorter ones better????
  2. Rusty

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    Spickard Missouri
    It seems to me that the first one and the last one are the deepest of the string. The rest normally will be more silted in. I normally run up along the tip of the Dike and check it fore depth before I fish it if I haven't fished it before.

  3. BKS72

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    Depends on when you're fishing, I think. During the day I try for the deepest holes I can find. Usually I find them on the bigger dams, but you never know. At night, I like to fish the flats between the dams. For that I like the shorter ones because the flat is narrower and I feel like I can get closer to the scour hole as well as the bank and get a better spread across the whole flat and all depths. Probably not the right way, but it's the way I do it.:wink: Good Luck!

  4. fishingbuddy4

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    I perfer the longer ones ,more area to fish below them ,but brandon is right deeper ones in the day.
  5. fishinjunky

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    don't judge by size of wing dam, size means nothing. the key things you want to look for are current depth and structure. usually you can do without one key characteristic but any more and your probly just drowning bait. around here in nebraska the average wing dam is 18 to 22 feet deep alot of them have little current and little structure. the ones you should look for have a good swirl going around the tip, when you find one motor up the tip in the swiftest current and cut the throttle and just idle the current will take you to the deepest section naturally. while drifting the seam look for logs, humps, big rocks, and baitfish. a good piece of advice another forum member gave me is turn off your fish finder sonar and just watch depth and structure, don't pay attention if their is fish their or not. also look to the flat is their sand or mud? generally you will want to fish mud during spawn and sand all other times(this is based on my opinion, use your own judgement.) when fishing a good dyke make sure you fish all parts of the dyke including: the current seam, the inside eddy, the sandbar, and the boundary between the sandbar and the hole. i generally sit one hour and it seems that all the bigger fish i have caught have been around that 45 minute mark. if i am fishing a better than average hole i will sit up to 2 hours but thats rare. i hope this helps.