Wind, wind, and even more wind

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    Okay, you should see by title what kind of week I had on Santee last week. Went down March 14 planning to stay until the following Friday. I finally gave it up on Thursday morning. I think we only got good conditions for 6 to 8 hours all week. The bit was slow and light, but we caught a few. My fat, ugly partner (hope your reading this Freddie) caught his new personal best, a 30 pound Blue. The best I could muster was about an 8 pounder.

    I did hear that they were catching fish in the river under the dam. The ocean run herring were running and the cats were under them. I found out Wednesday night and left Thursday morning, so I didn't give them a try.

    Saturday morning my family was scattering around for different functions, so I hit Monticello for a while. I caught more fish and bigger fish in 4 hours than I caught all week on Santee. No monsters, but 3 over 10 pounds, about 12 total in numbers. The largest was a touch over 13 lbs. Found most of them 27 - 28 feet of water in the creeks. I was drifting with cut herring. Water temp was around 62 degrees.
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    Thanks for the report Steve, The winds on Santee and Monty can be rough. Glad ya was able to catch some fish brother!:wink:

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    Thanks, Steve. Unfortunately March can be very unpredictable where the winds are concerned. Glad you finally got on some fish, though. Maybe you can make another trip before long and get some better weather. May is usually a good time to start catching them back on the open waters.
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    Thanks for the report it wont be long and the wind should calm down and i cant wait either