Wind - How Does It Effect Fishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by beaneye46, May 12, 2006.

  1. beaneye46

    beaneye46 New Member

    i fish a large river, and i was wondering how wind plays in effect to the fishing. it seems like when the wind is blowing strong 20+mph nothing bites. is there any facts to this?
  2. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Cody, I have done fair during high winds, but not often. I try not to fish from the boat during high winds. This might be the reason I haven't done well during them. Also it can be hard to detect a bite when the boat is rocking and the rods are blowing. Vern

  3. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    i know here in Ohio when the wind is blowing strong and gusting the barometor is usually falling or rising very, very fast, either way its bad for fishing. i have seen a few exceptions over the years but not many.
  4. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    Wind does a few things.

    One it blows the food that shad eat up the shore. I forget the name all of a sudden plankton or krill or whichever I think. Because the shad follow there food source so do the cats. I havnt had much luck following this tip but others have. They say to find coves and points where the wind is blowing into, and the fish will be there following the shad, which are following plankton.

    If you have a boat wind can be one of the best things going for you, assuming you drift fish. If your moveing too fast get something to slow you down, a drift sock, or somthing. Then drift across the channels in your lake and youll probably find some fish.
  5. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    Yuo can fish in high wind, but I hate doing it. The water gets rough and its hard to detect bites. It just isn't as pleasent. When it's windy I usually get off the river and head to the farm pond.
  6. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    IMHO, seems like whenever the weather changes, like from warm to cold, or any other change the first day they don't bite much, but the second and third day they seem to have adjusted and bite a lot better. Today is the second day of the change to cold and wet, but Arthur and Itus both said they aren't going to have any of it, so guess I get to sit
  7. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    I love a nice breeze across the lake, 5-8 mph, but any stronger and it makes it hard to cast, detect bites, etc, as everyone else has said. A dead still calm though sorta stinks too cause I can't guestimate where the food chain is going and pick a good spot to fish from the shoreline. 'Course, a dead calm is not as bad when I'm out in my boat cause I can change my location a lot easier than hiking up and down shorelines looking for a decent spot.
  8. shortshank

    shortshank New Member

    I agree here, no white caps while working my favorite holes. I do enjoy a light to moderate breeze, putting a little action on the surface water. Help put that push in the side to side action of the boat. Dead calm, when you hear those little beeds of sweat forming on your forehead, makes it real tuff to sit out those 15-20 minute interludes.
  9. Redtick

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    Neoga, Illinois
    I disagree with most of the posts on this thread. I like a good wind. If it is too much, I fish from the shore but I like it windy. I don't like it when it is dead still, nothing bites except mosquitos. I never fish during still water, or should I say I rarely do. My wife likes wind chimes. She has some heavier ones that it takes over a 10 MPH wind for them to chime. When those chimes are ringing, I know it is time to be catfishing. I call them the catfish dinner bells. They signal when the big boys are biting.
  10. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    Like loki1982 said, the wind moves plankton, and the shad eat plankton. The shad are eaten by lager fish in the food chain and the catfish are one of them.

    The donw side is that the plankton is blown to the leeward side of the river, so this means if you are fishing where the plankton/bait fish are, then you are feeling the brunt of the wind.

    Thursday I fished in 20mph winds ahead of a front and had an awesome three hours. Taking wave spray over the back of the boat was not fun, but the fish were biting.

    Like some others have said, high winds mean a barometric pressure change. Many believe falling is good for the bite while rising barometer is bad.

    Either way, if I have a chance to fish, I will be out there with wind or no wind.
  11. mallard

    mallard New Member

    I have only caught flatheads in calmer winds, but blues I catch in any wind conditons except when the wind is out of the east, the fish bite least. 2 weeks ago we were the only fools on a lake in oklahoma, 20-30mph gusts and white caps galore, we pulled in 51 blues in a 2 day period.
  12. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    Well, I gave it a shot this evening out at the lake, fishing from the shoreline in 15-25 mph winds out of the north. Fished for bass and panfish for about an hour and a half, waiting for the sun to drop, but by then the dang winds had kick my seasonal allergies into overdrive and I had to call it quits before casting the cat rod. Saw a few bass and panfish jump, but I didn't get so much as a single bite. I can't wait til whatever I'm allergic to to stop blooming and kicking out pollen!! :sad2:
  13. ShilohRed

    ShilohRed New Member

    West Tn
    Some of my best days have been with 20 mph north winds. And plenty of white caps.
  14. rebcatman

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    Manassas, Virginia
    I do not like fishing in high winds, it is just a pain in the A**. If using a float it is even worse.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Well I Have Fishied In Winds Around 35mph And Have Find That If The Winds Are Coming From The North Or West Fish Bite The Best. And If From South Or East Bite Slow Down Alot.
  16. rebcatman

    rebcatman New Member

    Manassas, Virginia

    That is funny... winds today are supposed to be out of the North 10 to 15. I am going to Motts run this evening, so I will let you know how we do.
  17. jerellman

    jerellman New Member

    Went fishing this morning, wind was 12+ mph and and i had 1 bite but i barely even noticed it. I think wind isnt very good when fishing.
  18. reel pleasure

    reel pleasure New Member

    New jersey
    I don't think wind alone is gonna make a big difference,it will help but is definitely better with 1 or more other deciding factors.I believe you need a combination of things.
    moon phase,
    tide/if any

    location is key to catching fish anywhere,i dun care how hard the wind blows,if your not positioned right you ain;t catchin fish.

    i like 3 days of high/low pressure,consistency,the fish get accomadeted about 3 days of same conditions and seem to bite better.When it changes from high or low,especially if it gets nasty/windy-rainy,they seem to be even more aggresive and active.
    Keep an eye on that blue line during the weather segment on your local news.
    i also like i rising or dropping tide,and a full or new moon always seem to help.
    the more conditions that are met at the time your out fishing,the better it should be.
    If you have a spot you know the fish are at,and been catching them recently,make it a priority to be there when 2 or more of these things are happening!
  19. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Not to toot my on horn (lol) - but yesterday - when I went fishing in Lodi - I did pretty darn good (if I don't say so myself - see the Thread "I went back to my Honey Hole in Lodi today"-"Photos").

    "I Hate to fish in high wind"! :angry: But when I have to, I hole my fishing rod in my hands - that way I won't miss any lite bite because of the wind. If you don't, and they don't bite extra hard - they can & will pick you clean every time. :big_smile:
    Fish will bite in the wind - it's just sometimes you don't know it because your rod is in a holder - and you think it's is just the wind.

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:
  20. timbo

    timbo New Member

    North Carolina
    ( if the wind gets blowing bad, and water gets rough i head just in side a creek mouth so i can keep fishing and catch fish ,,,