Wind direction change

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by mr.whiskers83, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. mr.whiskers83

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    Charles City,Va
    Is it me or has anyone else had a different predominate wind this year during deer season? Usually here in Southern Va. we get a N to NNW wind from November on when the cold starts to hit. However this year it has been mostly a SSW to W wind. I do hunt in mountains and I know that can mess with the wind but it's definitely been different this year. It's also been extremely wind here this year, more so than normal. I was just wondering if this was the case in other places or if anyone had noticed.
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    Changing winds hmmmm.... It only changes when gutting a deer and then it blows guts to my nose no matter where I stand .:wink: the wind where I hunt has always come from the west . On the property I hunt it normally means lots of cover scent and doe peeee.

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    Yes I had noticed the same Directional changes you have. I'm about an hour north of Pikeville Ky. SO there is not a lot of distance between us. It has been out of the ordinary weather for deer hunting this year. I had noticed a lot of shifting wind here as well.