Wilson Lake tragedy

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by Catfish Fever, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    Haven't seen anyone mention it, I've been meaning to for a week or so. It's about a week and a half since it happened. Two guys were walking off of Wilson Lake after ice fishing, one of them fell through and drowned, the other guy couldn't get him out of the water evidently, by the time he got back with help, the guy had drowned.

    I've been invited to go in years past, never did, just don't trust Milford to get out on it. I've seen guy's out there last year, WAY out on the ice, and by themselves no less.:crazy:
  2. arkrivercatman

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    Ice fishing is not my cup of tea either.
    That is sad and I feel for the family.:sad2:
    Common sense should be the first thing you take fishing with you.

  3. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    It seems like we lose somebody every year or two. I'd like to try it sometime, but not in Kansas. For anyone who does, please wear a lifejacket. It may not save you from hypothermia, but it will keep you on the surface so that rescue is at least a possibility.
  4. Dsage

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    The crazy part of the story is they were out on the ice after we had a upper 50's low 60's day. The guy that lived pulled himself out of the water and then walked 10 plus miles to get help. That is just crazy! I guess he had someone looking over him that day.
  5. Big Vic

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    Wow 10 plus miles !! Where the heck did they park the truck ? The guy that went under must have had the keys !! :sad2: A very bad deal all the way around for sure. Think I'll stick with the boat. And warmer weather.
  6. mandingo

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    common sense is the most important thing when ice fishing.the ice was only 2 inches thick where these guys were fishing and rumor has it that someone told these guys that day that the ice was not safe to be out on.
    i wont get out on the ice unless its 4 inches thick and even at that, if i am with someone,we stand way apart from each other.6"-8" is good enough to get the atv out on the ice.for the past 5 years or so,everytime i hear about people drowning,it is after the cold spell has passed and the warmer nights and days have been around for a few days.
    people in minnesota might be able to get away with ice fishing when its 60degrees but not here in ks!:roll_eyes:
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    I agree with mandingo, I need 4" of clear ice before I will get out on the ice. My best advice is to do what I do = I fish with someone that is 50 pounds heavier than me, and I follow him around.:roll_eyes:

    Prayers for the family
  8. Bullfoot

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    I live four miles from the lake, and it was cold that night. That would have been a long walk.