Willow Creek

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    Heard the other day that willow creek up in peirce has blue algae
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    Hastings, Ne.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Many lakes in this state will suffer from the algae bloom. Blue Algae is very toxic and people should be aware that it can kill pets ( dogs, cats, etc.)! A few years back, we had a German Shorthair Pointer that drank some of the water from Johnson Lake. The water had the Blue Algae. A couple of days later, she died from it. The dog suffered from massive liver damage and the vet could not save her. Blood samples were sent to the Labs in Manhattan, Ks. The sample showed high quanities of the toxins caused by Blue Algae. Any standing water, stagnant water, is prone to have this Algae Bloom. The conditions have to be right for this to occur. Take caution! And be aware to look for it. Bluish green color in the water. Look for standing pools of water that might have this. Keep pets away!!