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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by colesuncle, Feb 2, 2006.

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    :cross: I am going catfishing today and will be using this...... The spinning reel will be spooled with 12lb ironsilk, on the end will be a 3/4 oz slip sincker, a bead stop, and a barrel swivel... Beaneath all this will be a 12-24 inch leader
    (also made of ironsilk), a 2 ought single spring hook baited with blood bait nuggets.

    I was hoping that others would try it so we could compare the results. You guys could multiple baits and other variations...... Thanks
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    I'm thinking a kahle hook, and fresh chicken liver. I tried those prepared nuggets once, and only once. They consistantly fell off of the hook, and caught nothing. I suggest the previously mentioned livers, or dip bait on a Looper rig, or depending on the size of channels, cut blue gill, or cut shad if they are prevelent in the lake you fish.


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    Out Fishing
    can you hair rig the nuggets or are they too soft to cast?
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    like rainman said, of all the times ive fished the doughball stink bait, ive only gotten a bite, and at that, it came off the hook, so no fish. recently i tried some hog wild dip bait with a baitholder floating worm and treble hook. that worked good fer me, and it will get you some good eaters. chicken livers are a great all around bait too.
  5. Rainman4u2

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    Unless of course you have turtles in the lake, they love livers to.

  6. FS Driver

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    hey stephen can you describe a hair rig?
    i think ive heard about that before but can think of how it worked
  7. Dreadnaught

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    I think you will be hard pressed to catch anything on any kind of dough bait in cold water. You need to go with something native to the water you are fishing to do any good in my oppinion.
    Good Luck!!! Brother
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    I'll try. Picture a strong soft cotton or dacron thread, tied to the main curve of your hook. The free end of the thread has a loop or noose. This looped end would end up being about an inch or two from the hook. With a tiny tool resembling a crochet needle, poke the tip through the bait. When through, hook the loop in the thread and pull the tool back out just enough to have the loop exposed. With your choice of a stop, such as a tip of a toothpick about 1/4 inch long, place the stop through the loop and tighten the loops noose to hold the stop. What you end up with is your bait trailing back about an inch or so from the hook.

    This was designed for carp mainly. Carp are known to suck in their food and spit it out a few times to decide on whether to eat it or not. Catfish do this sometimes and on small catfish it works quite well. The idea is that if your bait was attached directly to the hook and the fish spits it out without biting down, more than likely the fish doesn't get hooked. As a fisherman, you may not notice such a small "strike". When using the Hair Rig, when the bait is spit out, the hook turns and "snags" the fish in the mouth.

    It is quite common throughout Europe, but is not used much elswhere. It is the preferred method rig for carp for the same reasons many of us use circle hooks. The Hair Rig almost always hooks the fish in the mouth, thus improving the odds of a released fishes survival.

    I hope this helps. If anyone can explain it better, or if I am incorrect in any aspect, please speak up.
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    sounds good cept a differnt bait
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    I would try using a treble hook, and chicken livers for bait. u can also try nightclawers.