wildwood this past sunday the 13th

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    Well I would say trying to fish :D sounds funny but so many people think you need to fish the middle of a river. I drift fish alot where i guide and have saw so many people . They cast as far as they can some ever add more sinkers to as they say get out where the fish are :confused: .
    How many times have you saw bait fish along the banks going nuts. Fish are there after them so if the fish are running the banks looking to eat why fish the middle?
    I took a guy out that had fish the same river for over 10 years and never had a cat over 15 lbs. The first place i stop was in two feet of water and ran out to 8 feet. He told me I was nuts you cant catch cats in the day time that low water only at night. Well 2 hours later he had 15 cats in the boat and i over 25 lbs mid day in last then 8 feet of water.
    I would just go back there and fish the banks again show them how its done. I do it alot and it gets funny at times seeing the look on there face as they watch you taking fish after fish off :cool: