Wild Wolf Products are Now on Amazon.com

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    Another source to purchase our products is on Amazon.com At This point I only have the KatBobbers, Fat-Katbobbers, and Glow Sticks uploaded to their website. You can find them by going to Amazon and search for KatBobbers. I will have all of the Wild Wolf Products and offerings up there in time. It takes quite a bit of time to get them configured and uploaded. The Products will ship from me here in Arkansas. So the shipping service will still be controlled by me. They do offer fraud protection and allow customers to us all types of payments. The 2008 prices are in effect at Amazon. BOC members will probably save some money buying direct from me and I will have some kind of Monthly BOC Special every month.

    Just a Heads Up, Comments Welcome.



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    that's great news, but if i can get them from the source it's almost always better----except when the big chains get a hold of them, they expect u to "give" it to them so they can make the profit- just depends where u go i guess-but like i said the "source" is almost always better- rather go w/u gene u take good care of us!!!!glad to see ur moving up & doing good w/ur business---still have plenty of glowsticks & katbobbers so dont need ne thing yet but im sure im will

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    Great! This is a good way to expand your business to people who otherwise may not be aware of your great products.