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    CrazyKat from Kentucky inspired me in another post to start this. I know most of you have some weird/crazy/odd/funny story that has happened to you while fishing. I wanna hear about them here. I'll start it off.

    I was at our campsite at Rocky Point on the ohio last summer and I had a guy from up north ask me to take him out for the night. He was down for the week and wasnt catching any fish. All of his rods were bass rods with 8 and 10 lb line and no hooks worth tying on. He wouldn't use any of my rods but I finally talked him into using some of my hooks. He ended up having a couple fish break him off soon after we got out. After I caught a couple ten lb flatties and had another break him off he started using my rods. We ended up catching about 15 flatties between 5 and 15 lbs.

    Two nights later my buddy caught a flat off of our dock that didn't even have the hook in him. His hook was snagged on one of the hooks that the guy I took out a couple days earlier had broke off on the same fish! I took him about a quarter mile downriver and on the kentucky side. I couldn't believe it. The hook in the pics with the green line is the one that the guy broke off.

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    that,s a wild one alright congrats to your buddy for landing him and congrats to you for takin a fellow fisherman fishin with you . :wink:

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    That is an interesting story. I wonder what the odds of that would be?
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    Thats pretty cool... to know that in such a short time you can catch it again.. You know with the hook still in him