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Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by Catmaster, Feb 27, 2007.

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    HOW DO YOU GUYS EAT THAT MEAT? We had a guy bring in 3 hogs to our meat plant yesterday. Man those things stink and they look realy tuff and they had hair and crap all over them. I do not see how you eat that meat. NO OFFENSE but I'll just stick to eating the domesticated hogs. I would still Hunt them though.
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    Well I can tell ya that if they stunk, they were probably boar hogs that had been wounded & or chased with dogs for quite some time. Another thing is that if whoever brought that meat to you in that condition, certainly needs to be taught about field dressing & the proper handling of meat.

    We catch & harvest several hogs a year & we only take the boar or bar hogs. No matter which it happens to be, I keep the meat top iced for 7 to 10 days in a cooler with the drain open, which bleeds it off & tenderizes (ages) it as well.

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    i believe your right about field dressing but what my buddy does is he has a large steel tub which he can heat then he boils the water and puts the hog in it. lets it get real hot removes it then takes a straight piece of steel and scrapes the hair off and when done he takes a small torch and singes the rest off the split it in half and use it for a pig pic'n
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    you can run a wounded deer to hell and back, take too long too gut it, let it sit in the back of a truck and show everyone and it will taste the same as those hogs.
    or, you can go out with a game plan and bring some of the best meat in the world home to your family. we take coolers of ice when we hog hunt in the summertime. when a pig hits the ground, he is quartered and on ice withing 20-30 minutes. that's our rule on deer too. we don't usually get cool enough weather where i live to hang anything.
    give it a shot man, you might be surprised at the result. a lot of guys i see taking a pig to the processor didn't go intending to shoot a hog in the first place, and are ill-prepared. go with a game plan, and you'll see a lot of talk about hogs, especially boars or bars, being not fit to eat is B.S..
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    Jordan pretty much hit the nail on the head. It's all in how you take care of the animal once it's down. Personally I keep my hog on ice for a min. of 4 days. I also add vinegar and fill the ice chest full of water the first 24 hours to pull the blood out of the meat. In south texas most of us don't have meat coolers we can cure the meat in so we improvise with ice chest.

    Boar or Sow, BIG or small, they all taste great and are very tender when the animal is taken care of from field to dinner table.