Wild fishing trip

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    Me and my dad went out on friday to fish for five or six hours at a local lake. I was sitting there and got a hit and pulled up and hooked a fish. My dad's rod shoots off of the rod holder and into the lake. I jumped off of the dock in to the lake with my rod still in my hand with the fish on the other end and got my dads rod. I thought a big fish would have done this but I was wrong. He realed in and it was a 15 inch bullhead. Let's just say I was not the happiest individual when I saw that little fish. I also caught another bullhead that just had about 4 or 5 inches from its tall upward that was just bitten off. It was not even healed yet so it could not have been that long ago. My thinking was that it was a big muskie but I don't know. We did end up with about 16 bullhead catfish all about 12 inches or so, that pretty small but we had action all the time we were there. Also had 3 bass, 1 perch, 1 rockbass, and 11 big bluegill (BAIT). All in all I did have a good time fishing with my dad.
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    Hello, that sounds like quite the adventure. Sometimes the smaller fish hit the hardest because of competition I think. It can be exciting. Hope you dried out quickly. I once did the same for my dad as he could not swim. He was afraid of the water, didn't like to fish from a boat. But loved to bank fish. Catc:0a23: h ya later

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    Make sure you dad doesnt take you duck hunting. lol jk Sounds like a nice trip. Those bulls shure eat good.
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    man!! wish i had them , i would cut thier spines off . now ima going fishing , just catchen bait/.:big_smile: huh
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    man Those Bull Heads Are Good Tasting Catfish. Sure Wwould Like To Have A Good Mess Right Now. Bet That Water Was Pretty Cold Wasn't It.