Wilcox Wharf to Brandon Wreck (Chippokes Creek)

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    New Kent County, VA
    Beautiful day on the water. Pulled away from friends pier under the power lines, Wilcox Wharf around noon. Fished the RED buoy straight out with outgoing tide, no bites, moved on the flats east of RED buoy, small only less than a pound, 4-6 feet. Moved to end of Minges Reach (3 mile reach) at the 90 foot hole and hooked a few more smallies in 17-23 feet.

    2 rods with squid searching for croakers, 2 rods with cut gizzard. The shad was the flavor of choice. Slack tide caused another move down river to Brandon Wreck or Chippokes Creek. 2 fellows in ski boat were putting small but very clean cats in the boat on night crawlers when we arrived. They continued until the anchor line broke and they headed for the ramp somewhere towards Williamsburg.

    Incoming tide rolling good and anchor holding us up river of the wreck and we caught 10-15 2 pounders and many smaller ones. Left around 6p and had a beautiful smooth ride back to Wilcox Wharf.

    The big bite never happened, croakers never showed, did see a handful of small crabs, and had a wonderful day with my daughter and good friend Bobby.
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    Welcom to the BOC Kevin.

    Thanks for the report. Big fish have been hard to come by since the spawn from what I am reading.
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