Wife skunked me.

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    Went wishing with my lifes partner last night and she was killing mr. whiskers seemed like every time I turned around she had set the hook in another one, none of them were very big but she was having a blast. I was so busy taking her fish off the hook or re-baiting her hook I realized that I had forgotton about my own pole, every once in a while she would comment on the fact that I hadn't had a bite yet. I would reply with thats ok mr. Whiskers was more interested in her pole than mine, when in fact my pole had danced several times I was enjoying her sucess too much to even worry about it.
    On the way home she said that she was sorry that I did'nt catch one I tried not to laugh, I told her thats ok next time I would, it was at that point I realized just how lucky I am to have a women in my life that shares my passion of fishing. Just thought I would share these thoughts. Took a pic of one of the 15 she caught.

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